We Help Investors Acquire Cash Flowing E-Commerce Brands, Grow Them & Sell For A 5-8X EBITDA

Acquire an existing profitable e-commerce brand, get coached by our team on how to grow and operate your brand, sell it for a 5-8X EBITDA

What We've Done

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Services We Offer

We provide investors with a full investing flywheel from brand acquisition to asset growth and exits


From seller origination and thorough due diligence to skilled negotiation and seamless closing, Rennewi Ventures provides comprehensive services to ensure a smooth and successful transaction for our clients.

Asset Management

We provide a hands-off experience for investors by expertly managing and growing their assets year over year. Leveraging our strategic insights and industry expertise, we ensure consistent, sustainable growth and maximized returns.


Delivering a comprehensive exit strategy, finding buyers for our investors' assets and managing the negotiation and closing process. We ensure a smooth transition and optimal returns, allowing our clients to focus on their next opportunity.
No operational maintenance
Guaranteed returns
Done for you service

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In 53 countries worldwide, Rennewi Ventures has been connecting investors with cash-flowing assets for over a decade.

How We Create Alpha

Our simple yet great process

Investor Application - 1 Week

Our investor application allows investors to quickly fill out a questionnaire detailing their investing history and capabilities. This streamlined process helps us better understand and match their investment goals with high-ROI opportunities.

Acquiring Profitable E-Commerce Brands - 1 Month

Our Acquiring Profitable E-Commerce Brands stage typically takes around one month. During this time, we build your buying profile and present you to over 150,000 sellers. Secondly, we filter all leads by our internal KPIs that match previous case studies. Finally, we conduct a thorough qualitative and quantitative due diligence process, vetting financials and assessing operational efficiency to ensure successful asset management & growth.

Managing & Growing Your Assets - 6 to 24 Months  

Our strategies include identifying key operational processes that can be automated using AI, expanding sales channels to broaden sales capture, and implementing our proprietary RevOps structure internally. These initiatives are all aimed at streamlining operations, optimizing profit generation, and fostering sustainable growth across our portfolio of investor brands.

Existing For A 5-8X Multiple - 3 to 6 Months

Our prior focus on enhancing operational efficiencies, expanding market presence, and optimizing profitability has facilitated achieving a 5-8X EBITDA valuation. Now, we leverage the same internal database and outreach systems that we used to acquire this brand to over 150,000 investors ready to purchase within 90 days. This strategic approach aims to maximize exposure, expedite the sales process, and secure favorable outcomes for our investors.

Realize Your Gains / Re-Invest

Having successfully exited, you can now focus on realizing your gains or strategically reinvesting into additional brands for accelerated growth. Our proven and battle-tested approach consistently outperforms traditional investments like real estate, ensuring superior returns repeatedly.

Apply Today To See If You Qualify

Investing with Rennewi Ventures is not for everyone, and we prefer it this way. Our ideal clients have previous investing or business experience and are ready to exponential grow their returns through acquisitions.
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